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Algebra 1 Tutoring in Charlottesville

We help your child succeed in algebra and teach advanced concepts to students that are ready for a challenging curriculum. Our services include a prealgebra review before school starts, ongoing support with classroom content, and new topics and lessons.

Get Ready for Algebra 1!

At Blue Ridge Boost, we strongly believe that math is not a spectator sport. Children learn math and become independent, confident mathematicians by solving a variety of problems. Our lessons are short and teach algebraic thinking rather than drill and kill. The problems are selected from a variety of sources, including VDOE Algebra Readiness Initiative, Khan Academy Get Ready for Algebra 1, Big Ideas Math HS Skills Review Handbook, and Art of Problem Solving Prealgebra.

Each day students solve problems from the following topics.

Day 1: Number Sense. Review negative numbers, decimals and fractions and order of operations with an emphasis on the properties of addition and multiplication.

Day 2: Linear relationships. Students practice ratios, percentages and proportions problems, and learn to recognize and graph linear relationships.

Day 3: Patterns and functions. Students practice pattern recognition and learn to distinguish between non-function and function relations.

Day 4: Equations and inequalities. Students practice solving linear equations and inequalities.

Day 5: Exponents and radicals. Students review the laws of exponents and simplification of radicals.

Algebra 1 Remediation

The instructor will work with the classroom teacher when available to match the teaching style and materials to maintain **consistency** in the presentation style. For example, in a tutoring session, the instructor **reviews** concepts your student learned in class and assists with homework. If the student needs extra practice, the instructor proposes **new problems** for the student to solve independently.

When your student needs an alternate view or wants to learn a topic not taught in class, our instructors create individualized lessons at the level the student needs.

For more details on our services, fill out the contact form or email nora@blueridgeboost.com.

Algebra 1 for Advanced Students

Our instructors are qualified teachers with tutoring experience in middle school math, including algebra and geometry. We use a variety of texts and materials, including the Art of Problem Solving® curriculum, Big Ideas Math® textbooks, and All Things Algebra®.

Students learn by solving challenging problems for a deeper understanding of the subject.

Enrichment and tutoring in Math and Computing for any student who wants to learn.
Led by Ana Nora Evans in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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