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Challenging Math Problems

Looking for engaging math challenges for your advanced learner?

Join our Challenging Problems class provides for real-world, open-ended math problems that will stimulate your child's problem-solving skills and strategic thinking.

Beyond simply getting the right answer, these problems encourage explanation of reasoning and discussion of various solution strategies. Your child will get practice communicating their mathematical thinking both verbally and in writing.

What's more, the multi-step word problems can be scaffolded based on your child's abilities. Students new to word problems can get guidance walking through examples step-by-step. More independent students can tackle challenges on their own. Your child will learn that in math, as in life, there are often multiple paths to a destination.

Give your advanced math student the satisfying challenge of real problem-solving. Browse sample problems and see how Challenging Word Problems can take their skills to the next level. Invest in your child's critical and logical thinking skills today!

The problems are carefully selected from the Singapore Math's ``Challenging Word Problems" series, Beast Academy and math competitions.

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