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Learn to Code by Creating Games in Scratch

Learn Scratch with us!

Coding games is a fun and interactive way for kids to learn the foundations of computer programming. The class uses a project-based approach to introduce essential coding concepts through building a series of playable games. Each one teaches an important programming technique or concept. Students first follow steps to create a basic version, then are challenged to extend it on their own. This learn-by-doing method helps cement understanding through hands-on application. Core topics like objects, movement, rules, and control structures come to life in the context of an interactive game.

Scratch's block-based, visual programming interface makes coding accessible for younger and beginner programmers without requiring knowledge of syntax. Dragging and snapping together colorful code blocks is an intuitive way to see how scripts are constructed.

The gamemaking process also cultivates strategies for problem-solving, planning projects, collaborating with others, and communicating ideas. Creativity and perseverance are fostered alongside computing fundamentals.

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