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Fundamentals of Coding with SPIKE Essential

This class is intended for students with no previous exposure to Lego robots.

Introducing the Next Generation of Coders!

The Fundamentals of Coding with SPIKE Essential is the fun and engaging way to teach your elementary students essential STEM skills.

Through interactive projects and robotics using the LEGO SPIKE Essential kit, children will learn programming basics like sequences, algorithms, conditional logic, and repetition. They will apply these concepts by building real-world machines like excavators and cranes.

Watch your students develop problem-solving abilities and understand how coding impacts the modern world. The step-by-step lessons foster creativity and spark a passion for STEM fields.

This progressive curriculum establishes a firm foundation in computational thinking. Students will be fully prepared to take on more advanced programming down the road.

Highly-qualified instructors deliver an award winning curriculum developed by the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy!


Enrichment and tutoring in Math and Computing for any student who wants to learn.
Led by Ana Nora Evans in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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