Preschool Coding Classes in Charlottesville

Students learn fundamental coding concepts by helping a monkey collect bananas on instructor-provided chromebooks.

Maximum class size: 4 students.

Duration: 4 weeks.

Lesson length: 35 minutes.

Session 1. Sequencing

Students build a foundation in coding and problem solving.

Lesson 1. What is coding?
Students learn that coding is giving precise instructions to a computer. Each student creates their first program – a dance routine for the class to follow!

Lesson 2. Program using the computer
Introduces the coding platform Code Monkey. Students do their first coding exercises on the computer, using commands to move left and right.

Lesson 3. Complex sequential programs
Students learn two new commands and how to code using advanced planning.

Lesson 4. Increasingly complex programs
Students learn one more command, jump up, and use the commands they know to solve increasingly complex problems.

Code written by kids!

Code written by kids!

Session 2. Loops

Students learn loops, a fundamental coding concept.

Lesson 1. Efficient programs
Students learn that a problem may have multiple solutions and to judge which one is more efficient.

Lesson 2. Programming repetition
Students learn to write concise code using loops.

Lesson 3. Longer loops
Students continue their practice with repeat loops containing two or more commands.

Lesson 4. What stops the loop?
Students explore why some loops finish and others run forever (a deep question in theoretical computer science!)

Code written by kids!

Code written by kids!