Coding and Computer Science Tutoring

Experienced software engineer and tutor provides individual instruction.

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  1. Coding with Java, Python, C/C++, Prolog, Lisp, and Rust.
  2. Introduction to Programming
  3. Sodtware Engineering
  4. Data Structures and Algorithms
  5. Discrete Math
  6. Program and Data Representation
  7. Programming Languages

High School

  1. AP Computer Science Principles (Python)
  2. AP Computer Science (Java)
  3. Preparation for USA Computing Olympiad Bronze Level


We believe that students have to be exposed to the same programming concepts in a variety of situations and language variations. For this reason, students learn a few block languages to program WeDo Lego robots, mBot robots, help a beaver build its house in the Code Monkey framework. Younger students experiment with Makey Makey and Cubetto. Older students may use Python to program the mBots.

Problem Solving for Kids
Programing for kids