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Coding Classes and Tutoring in Charlottesville

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Coding classes are NOT eligible for VDOE K-12 Acceleration Grants. Please get in touch with us for scholarships based on financial need!

Coding Tutor

CS 1110 Introduction to Programming
CS 2100 Data Structures and Algorithms 1
CS 2120 Discrete Mathematics and Theory 1
CS 3120 Discrete Mathematics and Theory 2
CS 3100 Data Structures and Algorithms 2
CS 3140 Software Development Essentials
CS 3240 Advanced Software Development Techniques
CS 3250 Software Testing
CS 3710 Introduction to Cybersecurity
CS 4620 Compilers
CS 4630 Defense Against the Dark Arts
CS 4750 Database Systems

Enrichment and tutoring in Math and Computing for any student who wants to learn.
Led by Ana Nora Evans in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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